about me

"To dive into colors and experimenting with structures, to let myself be guided by moods and emotions, are for me the creative source for a harmonious balance to the hectic professional life.


I had my first contact with painting many years ago during a painting holiday in Greece. The theme at that time "figural watercolor painting" was not expressive enough for me. I felt the need for generous movements and a lot of space. 


For years I autodidactically acquired various techniques by experimenting with various materials. At that time I preferred sand, ash, and fabric, which I worked into large pictures on paper with a spatula or by hand.


Recently I have attended courses to learn techniques, so the painting of my own creation is rounded off with expert knowledge.


The colors of the sea have always fascinated me and have become my trademark.


Most of my paintings have Italian names as an homage to my Venetian roots.

Claudia_300dpi-0685 Kopie 2.jpg